Free books for the asking
(in the USA and Canada only)
We have a few books to give away free of charge, to university professors, students, newspapermen, researchers, politicians, governments. The only requirement is, that the shipping address MUST be the LIBRARY of the school, institution etc. We also need your name, occupation and address.

Due to high mailing cost, outside North America we have to ask for: US$15.00 /book in advance for postage.
However, the * CD1 HUNGARY, 1100 YEARS OF SUCCESS: is free to any destination.
At the moment these works are available:

    CD-ROM with most of the contents of this homepage.

  • B06: Chaszar, Edward: Decision in Vienna.
  • B11: Dunay, André: Origins of the Rumanians
  • B25: Lote, Louis: Transylvania and the Theory of the Daco-Roman-Rumanian Continuity.
  • B49: Wojatsek, Charles: From Trianon to the First Vienna Arbitral Award.
  • B62: Baross, Gabor: Hungary and Hitler.
  • B84: Borsody, Stephen: The New Central Europe.
  • C08: Kostya, Alexander: Northern Hungary.
  • C09: Cseres Tibor: Titoist Atrocities in Vojvodina, 1944.
  • C14: Vekony, Gabor: Dacians-Romans-Romanians
  • C21: DuNay-DuNay.Kosztin: Transylvania and the Rumanians.
  • C30: Kapronczay, Károly: Refugees in Hungary
  • C06-1: Hevizi, Jozsa: Autonomies in HUngary and Europe
  • C06-2: Lipcsey, Ildiko: Romania and Transylvania in the 20th Century
  • C06-3: Pozsony, Ferenc: The Hungarian Csango of Moldova
    (in the USA and Canada only)