ISTVÁN KRUSPÉR (1818 - 1905)

After finishing his high school education, Kruspér first studied law, then attended the Politechnisches Institut in Vienna. After obtaining his diploma in engineering, within a few years he started his activities as a lecturer at the József Trade School. His main scientific interest was the subject of geodesy. He collaborated in the preparation of the bill to accept the meter and the kilogram as the only legal measuring units. He constructed devices to measure the reference standard. On his recommendation the government set up the Committee of Weights and Measures, the predecessor of the National Office of Weights and Measures, which he headed for 16 years. From 1879 he was a member of the Paris-based International Committee of Measures for 15 years.

At the Paris World Fair in 1878 Kruspér's "new declinometer" levelling instrument received the silver medal.

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