He matriculated at the Catholic teaching secondary school, then obtained his diploma in mechanical engineering at József Technical University. In the department of electrotechnics he worked under professor Zipernowsky as assistant professor. In 1910 he went on a study tour to Europe and the United States, and continued to lecture at József Technical University upon his return. From 1912 he worked as principal lecturer at the second Department of Mechanical Construction, than in 1930 he was promoted to University lecturer in permanent position at the third Department of Mechanical Construction. That department was later renamed the Hydraulic Machines.

Ábrahám Géza Pattantyús was the educator of a generation of engineers, and founder of the "Pattantyús school". He wrote several textbooks, the most important being the "Gépek üzemtana" (Machine Manage-ment), which underwent 14 printings.

His work was characterized by a close coordination of scientific theory with actual practice. The process by which the correct size of the pressure tank of displacement pumps is determined is known around the world as the Pattantyús method.

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